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Now Shipping - CLEARCOM V-Series 2RU 32-key Lever Panel

July 18 2017

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CLEARCOM V-Series 2RU 32-key Lever Panel


Introducing the Clearcom V-Series 2RU 32-key Lever Panel with 4-pin XLR or 5-pin XLR male headset connector. The key-panel has 32 lever keys including a reply/answer-back key, 4 dedicated function buttons and 8 shift pages. Each key has associated up/down audio level control buttons. The 2RU lever key-panel is offered with an additional dial keypad feature, which allows telephone dialing and quick menu access. The panel menu provides user set-ups and assignment options. The function buttons allow fast access to commonly used menu features and controls. The rear panel has Audio I/O and GPI/O connections.

Key Features:

o High density, 64-key actions in a 2RU chassis

o Four configurable function buttons for ease of use of common operations

o USB charging port

o High quality speaker audio

o International 10-character alpha-numeric fonts for caller ID recognition

o "Listen Again" - replays last 30 seconds of incoming calls

o Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for audio routing and effects


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Now Shipping at WAM Pacific

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**WAM Pacific is the official Philippine distributor of Clear-Com

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