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ABS-CBN Chooses EVS Tapeless Solutions for Studio and OB Facilities

04 August 2009

ABS-CBN, the largest integrated media and entertainment company in the Philippine Islands, has chosen EVS and its partner WAM Pacific to migrate to a tapeless production workflow in their studios and Outside Broadcast vans.

ABS-CBN now has 15 total EVS XT[2] servers in both their studios and OB facilities. Two 6-channel XT[2] servers and eight 4-channel XT[2]s are split half and half between HD and SD capability. In addition, ABS-CBN has four 4-channel SD XT[2]s dedicated to their studios and one 2-channel XT[2].

Typically, ABS-CBN airs sports content three to six nights a week from OB Van 9, which has one of the 6-channel XT[2] servers dedicated to remote live broadcasts. The weekend of July 18th, ABS-CBN is doing the first-ever HD broadcast of live sports in the Philippines, covering basketball with 10 channels of HD XT[2] servers dedicated to the recording.

In addition, OB Van 8 has been dedicated to Pinoy Bing Night, a local version of interactive card game National Bingo Night (NBN). The show was taped twice a week and aired daily. To broadcast it, ABS-CBN used one 6-channel XT[2] and one 4-channel XT[2] for recording master and isocams.

Studio 10 is where Pilipinas Game Ka na Ba?! (Philippines, Are You Ready?!), a local game show, is taped twice a week and aired daily. Two 4-channel XT[2]s are used to record the show.

Studio 9 uses a 4-channel XT[2] to record Ruffa and Ai, a morning variety-talk show, which is recorded live and aired daily.

Tayong Dalawa is recorded through a 4-channel XT[2] located on OB Van 2, which shoots on location twice a week.

OB Boxes 1-5 each have one 4-channel XT[2], and are dedicated to various genres, including soap operas, dramas, and comedy. Precious Hearts Romance and Rubi are shot twice a week using OB Boxes 1-5.

"The EVS tapeless solution provides both technical and financial advantages for ABS," said Raul Bulaong, ABS-CBN Head of Technical Operations Division. “The improvements we are already seeing in productivity save us time, money, and the worry of having to train employees on equipment.?/p>

"There are many major technical benefits to using the EVS tapeless system of XT[2] servers and XF[2]s as opposed to the four VTR we were previously using," agreed Bobby Bautista, Head of Broadcast System and Maintenance for ABS-CBN. "The process is now much less time-consuming and less complex, and access to content is much more straightforward."

Patrick Ongchangco, Head of Engineering Research & Development for ABS-CBN, said, "A key element to selecting EVS was the ability to integrate with other selected technical MAM infrastructures, such as Avid, MAsstech, and Dalet."

Edwin Mendoza, Head of Technical Production and Facilities Management for ABS-CBN, said, "ABS-CBN is offering the first true HD broadcast in the Philippines, thanks to EVS’s solution."

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