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Now Shipping - ELBER TwinWave

July 10 2017

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Introducing the ELBER TwinWave


The TwinWave is an IP-native full outdoor system, integrating two radios in a small and easy-to-install housing, to provide extremely high speed connections in 17 and 24 GHz unlicensed frequency bands and 26GHz. Supporting high-level modulation schemes up to 1024 QAM (with future upgrades to 2048 and 4096 QAM), combined with ACM and XPIC capabilities, the TwinWave is the best solution available in the market to achieve, in just one compact housing, a reliable and perform- ing GE microwave link.

A “real” GIGABIT ETHERNET RADIO, unmatched for costs/performances benefit, TwinWave features a very useful value- added function: actually it is the only Full Outdoor Unit able to be connected to a remote Split-Mount system in the same link, ideal situation for last mile connections from towers to buildings. The integrated Dual Channel Modem supports two active radios to aggregate or switch the traffic between the links in cross-polarization.
Wideband transmissions are supported with CH BW up to 60 MHz @ 17 GHz and up to 80 MHz @ 24 GHz, providing a maximum achievable throughput exceeding 1 Gbps full-duplex. 


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