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Now Shipping - NEW NewTek Live Panel

November 4 2017

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Introducing the NewTek LivePanel™


A flexible, easy-to-use browser based interface for Tricaster TC1 and IP Series. NewTek LivePanel, the new face of a modern IP video workflow that makes it easier for more people to have control of the live production process. Providing the ability to configure a custom user interface that delivers exactly the tools and functions you need, easily accessible through any Web browser or operating system. NewTek LivePanel is a free upgrade for IP Series VMC1 users and a paid upgrade for TriCaster TC1 users. 


Control is the name of the game…

o Access NewTek production systems remotely from the Web browser of any device – smart-phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices – wired or wireless – on the same local network
o Mix live video with control over the main switcher, M/Es and PREVIZ, including sources, overlays, transitions, and media
o Manage stored video and graphics with dedicated Media Player control, including playback actions, operating modes, live editing, and playlist creation
o Monitor and manipulate live sound with software-driven audio mixing, including level controls, configuration settings and presets
o View, edit and organize DataLink keys for real-time data display, including direct access to the DataLink for TriCaster plugin for the Google Chrome browser
o Create personalized macro trigger interface with custom button labels, background colors, images and configurable assignments
o Expand the number of operator positions available for TriCaster TC1 in larger-scale production environments including on the-fly scoreboard control to provide instant score updates and stats from virtually anywhere in a venue
Control Options abound!
Control of video production has never been easier. In addition to the availability of LivePanel, we are pleased to inform you that latest updates of TriCaster TC1 now include support for the 4-Stripe and 2-Stripe control panels, normally available with the flagship IP Series.
o Intuitive layout mapped to the TriCaster TC1 user interface
o Ip-based connectivity
o Responsive, multi-bus operation with independently assignable control stripes
o Practical lighting, variable T-Bar illumination, and dynamic LCD label displays with full mnemonics
o Precision controls for expert handling of real-time video operations
o Premium craftsmanship for optimal performance, ergonomics, and style.


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Now Shipping at WAM Pacific.

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**WAM Pacific is the official Philippine dealer of Newtek

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