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Product Update - NewTek LiveGraphics™ is an entirely new approach to real-time motion graphics

April 17 2018

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The graphics breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is here.



Powerful tools working together.


Introducing an innovative plugin and workflow for Adobe® After Effects® CC and exclusive software functionality for the NewTek IP Series and TriCaster® TC1, LiveGraphics makes spectacular, real-time motion graphics possible for anyone. From importing and editing layered PSD files directly in your system, to building and exporting custom animations for live production quickly and easily, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you can author incredibly sophisticated graphics and put them into action.


Simplify and accelerate creation.

The LiveGraphics Creator plugin for Adobe® After Effects® CC makes it easy for both new and experienced users to author amazing motion graphics—faster and easier than ever before. From applying independent motion effects with easy-to-use presets, to configuring complex offset animations with automatic keyframing, to checking composition progress with full-motion preview, LiveGraphics Creator allows anyone to produce real-time graphics that pop off the screen — and export them instantly to a NewTek IP Series or TriCaster® TC1 live production system.


Streamline setup and configuration.

Simply load a LiveGraphics asset exported from the LiveGraphics Creator plugin into a buffer on your NewTek live production system and customize it using the layer preset system, showing or hiding layers as desired, and storing each individual template with up to 16 different, macro-ready states to suit your needs. Smart Transitions activate automatically when switching from one preset state to another, ensuring smooth, seamless live presentation.



Edit live and link to data.

Once your LiveGraphics template is loaded, update placeholder text and images with the integrated editor or one of the 16 data presets. You can also link text and image fields to live data using Datalink for sports and other fast-paced applications. The Datalink extension for Google Chrome makes it easy to grab text and images right off the Web without expensive parsers. Graphics always stay live and editable up until the last seconds to air, making on-the-fly changes a breeze without having to re-render anything.



Control the presentation and content.

Enhancing your NewTek live production system with the power to support up to 10 simultaneous channels of live, animated, fully customizable graphics—rendered in real time and deliverable in resolutions up to 4Kp60 UHD—LiveGraphics takes your content and presentation to the next level. Add the ability to automate graphics down to the layer level, triggering from the user interface, a companion control panel, or LivePanel, and the opportunities for realizing your creative vision are truly endless.




  •  Up to 10 simultaneous channels of real-time motion graphics in resolutions up to 4K UHD at 60 frames per second
  •  Direct import of Adobe® Photoshop® CC files with full support for layers, text editing, font styles, and more
  •  Comprehensive support for Adobe® After Effects® CC animations, with real-time rendering of layer styles, motion, expressions, text, and more
  •  Real-time data integration supporting live content from scoreboards, databases, webpages, social media, XML files, and more
  •  Versatile control workflows to include LivePanel, hardware control panels, touchscreen interaction, macros, automation systems, and more
  •  LiveGraphics Creator plugin for Adobe® After Effects®CC allowing for fast, easy animation of PSD graphics with drag-and-drop preset effects
  •  Independent Intro, Loop, and Outro animations, plus seamless Smart Transitions between preset states for flawless presentation
  •  Extensive preset library with fully configurable animation speed, delay, and layer linking for complex motion, offset action, and dynamic effects
  •  Up to 16 data presets and effect states available per asset for easy customization, live application, and template export
  •  100+ customizable, production-ready templates included for broadcast news, sports coverage, corporate video, live events, and more



NewTek LiveGraphicsCompatibility

  •  Compatible with NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine and TriCaster® TC1
  •  Compatible with current versions of supported Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications* for Microsoft® Windows®


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