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Now Shipping - NEW Dedolight DLED7 Turbo

August 16 2017

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Small Package, Drastically Enhanced Output


Basic size is identical to the now very well accepted DLED4. Small, compact, elegant focusing, robust with double helical focusing mechanism. Now including a very quiet active cooling system enabling the use of much higher wattage LED light sources. Provides drastically enhanced light output. See comparison of the photometrics.


o Available in monocolor versions as daylight or tungsten.

o Also available as bicolor, tunable 2700K to over 6000K.

o Available with DMX as pole-operated versions (optional).


One of the most desirable, fully portable, very capable lighting packages for the small team with all the known dedolight advantages plus optional battery operation. For interview lighting, such small lights, when used as key or fill light, may possibly be regarded as relatively aggressive because of the drastically enhanced output. The use of the optional soft box turns it into a beautiful, gentle light source with a much larger area for pleasing lighting and still sufficient output to cover most everyday situations.


Works perfectly with the third DLED7 light as a highly focusable and tunable back light or accent light. For delicate and moody background projection. When such background projections are lifted slightly out of focus, you can easily create the illusion of a 3-dimensional world and depth. Maybe the most versatile and unique tool for professional lighting, for use in the smallest team as well as for the highest demands in big blockbuster projects.


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**WAM Pacific (thru MQ Lightings) is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Dedolight

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