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Product Update - FXLION Batteries - The Reliable Power Solution

June 8 2018

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Beijing based FXlion Electronic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional lithium ion

batteries and chargers for LED lights and professional cameras for the broadcast industry.

Established in 1997, our operation and management team now has over 20 years experience

in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for the broadcast industry. Our Research and

Development team guarantees high quality and service throughout our line and proudly

delivers strict quality control on its products with approvals such as ISO9001:2015 and CE,

TUV, KC, BIS certification.


FXlion Battery has been a leader for years in P.R. China in its broadcast domestic market

with good reputation throughout filmmakers and videographers. In addition, filmmakers and

videographers are using our batteries and chargers in Europe, USA and Asia markets with

great success. We have an extensive line of products ranging from lithium-ion batteries,

chargers, high power lithium battery packs and customized products for video equipment.

And now, with the growing use of LED lighting in the broadcast and photography industries,

FXlion has developed lithium-ion battery solutions to work ideally for these applications,

including professional cameras.



Power up with these batteries and chargers! Available NOw!

PL 4DC48S Battery


1. 48V Skypower PL-4DC48S



  • • Special power solution for Arri skypanel 48V LED light.


  • • 48V 10A power design,fully meet the use of Arri S60 460W power.


  • • Use four pieces big capacity, high rate batteries, you can get maximum power working effect.


  • • Two function:battery output adapter/charger. Totally achieve the function that one device could offer portable DC power bank and charging battery. Achieve the integration of charger function and adapter function perfectly.


  • • Dual-channel 14.8V and mono-channel 48V output could work at the same time. Solve customer’s need to carry as less equipment as possible for outdoor shooting. One adapter/charger and four pieces battery could power for two pieces 12V LED panel light and one piece 48V LED light.


  • • Each channel charging output 16.8V/2A, could charge four pieces battery simultaneously.


  • • With Working Status indicator and circuit protection for each channel.


  • • Under voltage indicator for the whole set.




• Trustworthy professional factory, 20 years experience of manufacturing li-ion battery in broadcast industry.


  • • Own-design inside circuit board,quality controllable.


  • • Reliable cooperator of you!





fxlion pl 4dca gold mount battery output adapter 1492715178000 1315418


2. PL-4DCA Quad-channel Li-ion Battery Outout Adapter & Charger


  • • 24V Skypower Quad-Channel Gold-mount BatteryOutput Adapter & Charger,


  • • DC Input: 4x 14.8V Battery,


  • • DC Output1: 24V/15A,


  • • DC Output2: 14.8V*2/10A,


  • • Power: 360V, Charging


  • • Input: 100~240VAC, 47~63Hz,


  • • Charging Output: 16.8V/2.0A*4,


  • • Undervoltage Indicator, Working Status Indicator and Circuit Protection for Each Channel




  • • Over 25 years experinece with Lithium Ion Technology manufacturing


  • • Circuit Overvoltage and Charging Protection


  • • LED charge indicator


  • • One Year Warranty



BP 1900 B2


3. 190Wh V Mount Battery BP-1900


  • • 4-level LED power indicator.


  • • With D-tap and 2.1 pin connector,both can be used as charging or discharging port.


  • • Working temperature: -20°C~+55°C.


  • • Chargeable li-ion battery, no memory effect.


  • • Protection circuit design keeps the battery from the damages caused by over-heat, excessive current and extended charge / discharge.


  • • Fxlion charger options: PL-3680B, PL-3680D, PL-3680E, PL-5680, PL-Q80B, PL-Q280B, PL-1680B, PL-4680B and PL-5680B.




  • • Trustworthy professional factory, 20 years experience of manufacturing li-ion battery in broadcast industry.


  • • Only use good quality li-ion cells made in Korea, LG or Sumsang brand. Quality guaranteed.


  • • Reliable cooperator of you!



Request a Quote / Schedule a Demo: ‎+(63)9171671168 /

**WAM Pacific is the exclusive Philippines distributor of FXLION.


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