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Product Update - AVIWEST AIR Series

September 17 2018

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AIR Series


The AIR Seriesrevolutionizes live video remote production and contribution.
This innovative video uplink system completes AVIWEST transmitter series.

The AIR Series is a range of mobile H.265/HEVC (and H.264/AVC) encoder & transmitter that enables video professional to broadcast news, sports or field events from any location around the world, as well as web streaming to social networks. .


Designed in a very compact ruggedized enclosure along with a long life internal rechargeable battery and a large set of audio and video interfaces, the AIR Series supports the best state-of-the-art H.265/HEVC encoder offering premium HD and SD video quality with less data use, and low latency (down to 0.5 sec). The solution features 2 embedded cellular 3G/4G-LTE modems plus additional extension links combined and controlled by SafeStreams© technology. This technology powered by AVIWEST is an intelligent IP bonding stack offering a set of powerful contribution network protocols.


The AIR series covers a large set of use cases, including live broadcast with (or without) simultaneous record. It also supports video recording only on the embedded SD card. The record file can be transferred after the clip is fully recorded but also during the record if the studio needs near real time delivery. All these operations are easy to trigger from the ergonomic display.





Broadcast premium quality video live over bonded IP
networks : 3G/4G-LTE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and satellite
networks such as BGAN, GX and Ka Band. Combined
with the automatic record feature, you can
simultaneously record this live on the pluggable SD
card with different resolution and bitrate to ensure an
optimal and constant video quality.

Record broadcast-grade quality video on the
SD card, and optimize your time by forwarding
the file progressively whereas the record is still
in progress. This forward approach enables
fast and error-free video delivery.

Forward any types of file from mass-storage
devices (SD card or USB key) over bonded IP
networks. You can select all or a subset of
files for transmitting.


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