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Product Update - Dedolight Micro Kit - The smallest lighting package you will ever have!

October 16 2018

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Introducing the Micro Kit , The Dedolight smallest
lighting package ever. Small enough, including the lighting stands,
to be taken aboard an aircraft and stored in the overhead compartment.
But don’t let the size fool you, this is a very powerful lighting set with
enormous versatility and potential.


The Light Head DLED3

It looks like a little puppet light, but it packs in its bicolor version 2 LED
light sources with 40 W. Continuously dimmable, continuous color temperature change from
below standard tungsten to above daylight color temperature.
Amazing power, amazing reach. Everything that you expect from a dedolight.
Color quality – this is the best in LED color that is technically possible
these days. It does not only hold up to all the measuring methods in
spectrum analysis, in CRI, expanded CRI, TLCI, and TM30-15, but also
has been tested in realistic and practical ways.
Such tests we consider very important, because when we deal with
digital cameras, the sensors of different digital cameras react very
differently to LED light.

There may be lights that measure in spectrum analysis with perfect
results, but still suffer major changes in skin tone rendition when seen
by a digital sensor. We originally had the nightmare experience that even cameras from
the very same manufacturer would show different color results.
We took it upon us to make the most difficult tests, to use a clean and
perfect reference light, like a special halogen light, at 3000 K, 3200 K
and 3400 K and lit faces, on one side with such reference light, on the
other side with the LED light.

For several years it was practically impossible to achieve matching skin
tones with all the different digital cameras. This we have now achieved
and we are very proud of it, because in my mind this is one of the most
difficult tasks.

Usually you don’t mix traditional light sources with LED lights, but if you
want to find out what would happen, even under such most difficult
circumstances, our tests have high value and relevance.
Noise. The only way we could build this light so small and at the same time so
powerful, was to include a fan. Normally, in our profession this is a bad
word. It took us some time to achieve wonderful results, where we do have a
fan and we do keep the LED heat very low, which will contribute
tremendously to the longevity of the system, but where we also
managed to cut down the noise so that it is barely audible.
When you put your ear right next to the side of the light, you will hear a
noise that sounds like a lazy bee in neighbor’s garden.
When you put your ear to the front of the light (you can do that, there is
no heat coming out the front) you will not hear anything.

We are very proud of this. Our codeword for lights with a fan is ‘Turbo’.
This is the secret why we were able to build such a powerful light in
such a small size and keep it quiet, but with all the attributes that you
expect from a dedolight.


Input Power
We offer these lights with a battery ballast, because many of the small
teams love to work with batteries. But then, sometimes you may want
to keep such a light running for many hours and for this we have a very
small, lightweight and easy-to-use AC adapter that works with all
incoming voltages anywhere, allowing you to use these lights day in,
day out, without ever switching them off.

Hard light / Soft light
Due to the fact that the light is so small, also the light exit is very small
and if you direct it at a person, it may be perceived as very aggressive.
That is why the kit includes two soft boxes. By the way, the soft boxes
shown in the interviews for which we are sending you the links, were
still the original small soft boxes. In the meantime we have a standard
soft box, like we have had it for the standard dedolight soft light kit that
you may know very well. Wonderful light, perfect system, very gentle,
easy on people, nobody will put on their sunglasses or feel any
aggressive character from the light.

The third light can either be used as a backlight or a kicker and it
offers you all the wonderful things that you expect from a dedolight.

Background Projections

In the standard kits there is also a small replica of our famous imager /
projection attachment, which allows you to project gobos, background
effect filters, or anything you feel like.
Because there is so little forward heat coming out of the light head,
you can also take any photo with your smartphone, print it out on any
gel (does not need to be a heat-resistant gel), cut it to size and insert it
in the projection attachment – and there you have it, from the
parliament to grandmother’s garden.

Such projected gels will not show deep color saturation, on the contrary,
they will produce a multitude of pixel images when you keep them in
focus, like a French Pointillist painting (Seurat or Signac).
You remember the theory of the Pointillists, where they make color
dots and assume that for the eye they would melt together and give a
different perception of color.
Again, the color saturation is low, it looks like a pastel color and that as
a background will often enhance the perception of a background that is
far away.

Throw it slightly out of focus and it will even create a deeper illusion of
space and distance, even when you use a camera with a small sensor
and a short focal length lens, which would otherwise show everything
in the background perfectly in focus, even all the way to the next city.
Throwing the background out of focus in the projection is permanent,
no camera can put it back into focus. Thus, it is a tremendous help to
create the illusion of space and help to attract the attention of our viewer
on the object of desire, the person in front of the camera.
You could call that the ‘cinematic look’.

Color Temperature Adjustments
The continuously adjustable color temperature allows you to adapt to
adapt to ambient light that you find in any location.
But it also allows you to shoot people with key light in standard color
temperature and give a slightly warmer fill light, which usually adds a
pleasant note to the character of the image and the skin appearance.
Furthermore, when you deal with backlight, you can keep it a little
cooler, which sometimes helps to separate the person better from the
background. When you are playing with the imager/projection
attachment, and project background images, then you will experience
miracles in the adjustable balance between the person in the foreground
and the background perception - by matching or contrasting color

You can go one step further when the projected images, for example
from a printed gel – projected a little out of focus appear to be far away.
You can build a sandwich by adding a gobo with a window or a door
frame, which will give you the dark black shadows with high precision;
and you are looking through that door or the window at some image
that appears to be further away, thus creating another layer of depth
to your image.

I think it is wonderful that we are able to create the illusion of depth, of
space, in images that are seen through a camera which only has one
eye and therefore can only produce two-dimensional images.
We can add at will the illusion of space, of depth, of three-dimensionality
- one of the miracles in the magic work of our profession.

Micro Kits
These kits usually include a small bag with micro stands which extend
multiple times. Sometimes, when you put them on the floor and want to
raise the light or the soft box higher up, there are 2 extensions included
which allow you to reach reasonable height.
The smallest kit – the basic kit – does not include the imager, which you
can add any time later.
The standard kit contains 3 lights, 2 soft boxes, the 3 battery ballasts
and the small AC adapters with relevant cables.
So this is a fully functional set for AC operation.
You can also use your own batteries, or buy the Master Kit, which has
an extra bag to take batteries that we offer with 95Wh capacity (this is
the highest capacity allowed to be taken onto an aircraft).

The batteries that we offer have a built-in charger, so you can charge
them anywhere at any voltage worldwide, without carrying any external
charger device.


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