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Product Update - HITACHI SK-UHD8000 Series 8K (SHV) Studio, Field Production Camera

July 12 2018

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HITACHI has worked with NHK since 2006 to develop the WORLD’S FIRST 8K cameras


3 Sensor full 8K resolution


3 Sensor High Frame Rate (120 FPS)


Single sensor hand-held


Super Hi-Vision Television Cameras and 8K Production


HITACHI is manufacturing its 4th generation Super Hi-Vision (8K) camera system in cooperation with NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories. SHV production will develop concurrently with 4K imaging technology. All planned events in Japan and abroad point towards the adoption of 8K UHD-2 or SHV to become the norm for high-end, demanding productions. HITACHI’s multi-year development of advanced 8K cameras will support NHK’s plans to deliver Super-High Vision Olympic broadcasts in Japan in 2020. The storage and transmission of such high bandwidth signals are already being developed by global technological leaders. A raster 16X larger than HD allows inventive production techniques using a single 8K camera. Employing 8K image pan/scan/crop/cutout allows live or post-production flexibility with 4K or HD output.


Features & Functions


  • Single CMOS Super 35mm sensor (7,680 X 4,320), will simultaneously output 8K, 4K/UHD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p.


  • The SK-UHD8060 uses cine-type PL-mount lenses and has on-board recording capability.


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) conform to Japan’s ARIB standards.


  • Two-piece camera chassis offers maximum configuration flexibility.


  • Standard SMPTE hybrid fiber cable and connectors used throughout.


  • Extra-large 10-inch, 4K OLED viewfinder with extensive focusing aids to simplify 8K focusing and viewing.


  • Low, 60W power consumption in studio operation mode.


  • Lightweight camera chassis with only 6Kg of travel weight makes for easy transport and storage.



Optional Configurations


(Click on pictures to enlarge – opens in a new browser window)

  • The SK-UHD8000 series is available as a SMPTE Hybrid fiber cable-based production camera system that employs a high performance, multi-format, multi-standard Camera Control Unit.


  • A large 10-inch, 4K OLED viewfinder with focus assist simplifies 8K focusing and viewing.

  • Optional configurations include a compact, minimum weight package for use with cranes, gyro-stabilized robots, moving tracks, robotic vision systems and other challenging applications.

  • An 8K RAW recorder can be docked to the camera for field production or used independently. A high-quality 8K RAW recorder can be ‘docked’ to the camera for untethered field production work.

  • The recoding system can be used independently of the camera head to provide a store-and-forward, real-time playback function with its own CCU. This remote acquisition system is not currently available with any other 8K camera system.


Additional System Accessories


KXWell Pan/Tilt Systems for Studio Cameras




High Performance, Z and SK Studio Camera Pan/Tilt Package:
KT-PH695A1 Pan/Tilt + KT-RP8910 Advanced Control Panel
For use with Canon KTS or Fujinon BMD full analog servo lenses





High Performance Studio and Box Camera Pan/Tilt Package:
KT-PD50BS Pan/Tilt + KT-RP-8810 Basic Control Panel
For use with Canon KTS or Fujinon BMD full analog servo lenses




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