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Product Update - Protech BP Ultra Battery System Series 98wh, 160wh, 270wh

May 2 2018

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For professionals who challenge harsh environments, they bring together advanced technologies. 
Please experience the moment when history changes.

Main features of ULTRA ® BATTERY SYSTEM

  • Small size, lightweight, high output.
  • Equipped with 5 step indicator.
  • It also supports cameras with large current consumption.
  • Mobile phone chargeable USB terminal Standard equipment.
  • DC output terminal CAMTAP ™ is standard on all batteries.
  • The charger achieves simultaneous charging of all batteries.


Ultra compact and lightweight realized

BP-98Li has a height of 120 mm x width 91 mm x depth 55 mm, weight of about 700 g , this class achieves high capacity in the top level compactness.

BP-160Li is compact with 120mmx width 91mmx depth 90mm, weight about 1.1kg . BP-270Li has the same size as BP-160Li and achieves the largest class 270Wh 1.3kg.

Comparison photos of almost the same capacity of other companies' products (left: other companies, right: BP series)

 Supply of various equipment can be supplied

As well as HD cameras, recording of devices with high power consumption at 4K / 8K recording equipment, cameras, etc has started. 
Particularly in 4K / 8K devices, there are some devices that have high power consumption and can not be driven by conventional batteries.

In the ULTRA ® battery system, we aim to drive almost all equipment at present, and we will provide a battery of superiority developed on the field perspective.


Operate for a long time with a large capacity battery

BP-270Li is a long-running battery that Protech recommends with confidence. 
It is ideal to operate with one lithium-ion battery. 
High capacity 270 Wh will back up the shooting site strongly.


5 stages battery indicator equipped



Equipped with a battery indicator that is a measure of whether or not the battery is charged. 
You can grasp the circumstances in five levels display.

It lights only while pressing the indicator button.

 Protection circuit, protection function installed



Battery cell control is a life line in controlling Li-ion battery cells. 
The ULTRA ® battery system is equipped with overcurrent protection device, overvoltage protection device, battery temperature monitoring sensor.

Even if the terminals are short-circuited, the protection circuit works. (Protection is released when charging with a dedicated charger, it can be used normally.) In 
addition, it monitors by occasion with a dedicated monitoring LSI and enables stable power output.


Camera light terminal CAMTAP output equipment

From the main body of the battery is equipped with a power output terminal CAMTAP ™ (cam tap) terminal for driving lights, VTRs, liquid crystal monitors, etc. It can be output simultaneously with camera body output.

All Protech lithium-ion batteries are equipped as standard.


USB terminal that can charge rechargeable cellular phone as standard

USB power supply that is convenient for mobile phone charging etc. is equipped in all Protech lithium ion battery series 

It can also be used for charging mobile phones at location locations etc.


With "one time charge" it is possible to light the "LED at the time of a moment" light for more than 48 hours continuously

With just one charge, it is possible to light the LED light "MOSHIMO ™ LED (sold separately)" at the time of continuous use for more than 48 hours continuously.

In addition, this ULTRA® SYSTEM can quickly charge up to 20 mobile phones and smartphones at the same time by attaching four BP series to the battery charger " DS-4 ".

* Battery charger has " DS - 2 " which can connect two BP series, DS - 4 " which can be connected with 4 units , or " BP - 270 Lii 4 PACK " with battery charger and battery set .




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