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Product Update -New Hamlet Enterprise VX3 Portable Tablet Stream Analyser

April 24 2018

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The new Hamlet Enterprise VX3 portable tablet stream analyser with 3rd generation firmware has been designed to provide real time analysis of streaming IP and ASI based services encoded as HEVC, MPEG-2, H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10) and many other compression formats. With 10G/s to 100Gb/s COTS switching planes. In comparison to the original Enterprise VX1 it is both smaller and lighter.


The VX3 can acquire, decode and analyze a wide variety of media flows across a wide range of physical interfaces which now includes both electrical and optical SFPs

Based upon the award winning VX1 technology, the new VX3 carries forward all the versatility and functionality with a new dual 10Gb/s interface to accommodate for high bitrate media flows over IP networks, providing the ideal monitoring and verification platform.


The HD-SDI* option will allow baseband video data to be monitored. The RF option* allows for DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals to be monitored for:- Lock status, Modulation Type, RF Level, MER, and BER and with the addition of the optional spectrum analyser upgrade*, the Enterprise becomes a full function video monitoring product.


With its high resolution screen, intuitive graphical user touch screen interface it allows dynamic configuration of definable presets by the user.

Enterprise allows the broadcaster to monitor the various streams as the broadcast landscape continues to shift into an era of streaming to all devices The need for consolidated monitoring and analysis becomes more of necessity to any professional operation.


Internet streaming traffic will quadruple within the next two years. As broadcasters and service operators broaden the reach of their digital service to multiple mobile platforms over multiple streaming standards and OTT, the Hamlet Enterprise provides a single compliance tablet that ensures these services can be successfully decoded by consumers.


The processing engine of the Hamlet Enterprise supports a wide range of streaming protocols and adaptive bitrate monitoring tools necessary to ensure service compliance, including agile recording of impaired streams for real-time service validation and playback of recordings to prove service faults.


Features and functions


  •  •High-Resolution 1080p video/audio/data decoder   


  •  •Analysis of live service IP / ASI/ RF / HD-SDI/ OTT transmission paths*


  •  •Dual IP interfaces with Deep IP stream packet interrogation.


  •  •Up to 10Gb/s Ethernet SFP+


  •  •Wideband Optical SFP support


  •  •RF QAM Input option*


  •  •OTT analysis option*


  •  •HD-SDI data analysis option*


  •  •Detailed statistics on all PIDS, services and table information.


  •  •Quality of Service (QoS) compliancy per TR 101290.


  •  •Bitrate view including trending and graphing.


  •  •Real time record & playback of captured streams.


  •  •Full 1080p display.


  •  •Touch screen.




  •  •HEVC, H.264, MPEG-2, Adaptive Bitrates (ABR)


  •  •Reporting of timeouts, bandwidth violations and HTTP errors.


  •  •Up to 2Hrs battery life.


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**WAM Pacific is the exclusive Philppines distributor of HAMLET.  


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