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Product Update - WOHLER HDM-320-4K-TT

July 30 2018

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The HDM-320-4K-TT monitor sets a new standard in UltraHD LCD monitors for broadcast and professional video applications. It provides a 32”, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 format, 60Hz refresh, anti-glare IPS LCD screen. All video formats are scaled to fit on the screen in the highest quality using 12-bit digital processing, precision scaling and gamma correction to produce the best images possible.




  • Monitor 2SI Interleave or Quad-Link 4K video using four HD-SDI inputs together.


  • Two display modes: single display and quad link display.


  • Each of 4 SDI inputs can be displayed by full screen in single mode. Quad link mode supports 2-SI and square division display.


  • User defined hot key functionality for either H/V delay, underscan, on-screen display.


  • On-screen, 16-channel level metering provides audio confidence monitoring.


  • Tally and on-screen labeling provide quick and easy signal identification.


  • CRT-style image controls allow video image enhancement for each screen individually.


  • Supports multi-format analog and digital audio signals.


  • Allows adjustment of the parameters for each screen.


  • Provides high-quality waveform or vector monitoring (for SDI)


  • User-adjustable color temperatures with presets.


  • Ethernet, RS-485 and GPI control interfaces.


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