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Product Update -OSEE SV-4K Aurora1600 with the LMW-550-4K 55 Inch Ultra-HD Monitor

April 26 2018

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Broadcast and streaming video are transitioning from SD to HD and now UHD at a rapid pace. Display of these signals require a traditional Multi viewer plus 4 HD display panels that require a large space to deliver the same image quality of OSEE’s Aurora. Multi-viewer with a single LMW-550-4K / LMW-420-4K Display package that delivers the same functionality at a fraction of price and space required.


The AURORA1600 is a multi-image processor that combines OSEE’s advanced technology for multi-screen controller with high density matrix signal routing.

The AURORA1600 features easy programming, high quality multi-image display, and excellent splicing function for a variety of monitor wall applications and configurations, and a host of newly conceived features.

Due to the modular design, customers can choose the inputs and outputs according to their need.

With high performance, reliability and affordable price, it is widely used in channel play-out, master control, studios, obvan, command centers, video conferences, staging, live concerts and video walls.



Aurora 1600 Features 


  •  •Fully configured, ready to use out of the box. Simple to set-up with an intuitive user interface
  •  •Full function remote control panel and iPad application for multi-viewer presets and router function includes re-assignment for on screen source video in real time
  •  •3840×2160 resolution panel
  •  • Standard Rec.709 color space
  •  •The friendliest and easy user interface software of any video wall controller of this class
  •  •16 channels input that automatically sense any mix of 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals 
  •  •Simultaneous synchronized output of 4 channels HDMI and format assignable 3G HD- SDI/SDI signals 
  •  •Incorporates a 16×4 router operating independently of multi-viewer matrix
  •  •Up to 16 images can be displayed on a single screen 
  •  •All signals an be placed across multiple screens
  •  •Zoom function can place a single image on all 4 outputs
  •  •Screens can be placed within screens (PIP) with multiple layer assignment 
  •  •16 Assignable GPI (General Purpose Inputs) 
  •  •4 Assignable GPO (General Purpose Outputs)
  •  •Synchronization to facility master timecode or UTC (Via control software)
  •  •Multiple analog or digital Clocks and timers with date display
  •  •Each output can be display on LCD or LED displays up to 1920x1200 (2K) resolution
  •  •All outputs can be configured for display on a single UHD LCD or UHD display
  •  •Fully redundant power with hot-swap module replacement
  •    for 24/7 reliability 
  •  •Dual Tally systems for each input
  •  •Dual in monitor text displays can be used manually or
  •    interfaced to TSL or Image Video tally systems
  •  •When interfaced to automated tally systems, labels and
  •    tally functions are dynamically updated 
  •  •Tally can be controlled using simple GPI
  •  •Each source can display up to 8 channels of audio meters
  •    with peak level, high level, and range settings
  •  •Alarms can be assigned for audio high level, low level, or loss for user defined duration
  •  •Alarms are also available for Video loss, freeze 
  •  •Ancillary function data indication 
  •  •Signal format display for each input can be displayed
  •    momentarily or constantly with automatic update on signal change
  •  •Automatic and continuos diagnostics for all hardware and operating temperature with alarm or SNMP trap
  •  •Multiple systems can be controlled simultaneously
  •     with included software (Windows OS)
  •  •Multiple systems layouts can be controlled using an
  •    optional control panel
  •  •Any Aurora system can be accessed using PC, Tablet, or Smartphone for full function control via an internal
  •  web server
  •  •Layouts can be dynamically changed using the timed loop
  •    feature
  •  •Layouts can be designed using simulation control mode on a PC


UHD 4K Monitor 


1596048 orig



Video Input
Interface:  16ch BNC

Signal:  4:2:2 SMPTE 259M-C(270Mbps)
Format:  525i60\625i50
Audio:  SMPTE 274M-1994
Cable Length:  100m(Belden8281)
Return Loss:  >15DB(to 270MHz)
Jitter: <0.2UI

Signal:  4:2:2 SMPTE 292M-C(1.5Gbps)
Format:  720p29.97 Hz, 720p25 Hz, 720p24 Hz, 720p59.94 Hz, 720p50 Hz, 1080i59.94 Hz /29.97 Hz (PSF), 1080p29.97 Hz,1080i50 Hz / 25 Hz (PSF), 1080p25 Hz, 1080p23.98 Hz /24 Hz,1080p23.98(PSF) / 24PSF, 1080i50 Hz
Audio:  SMPTE 299M
Cable Length:  100m(Belden8281)
Return Loss:  >15DB(5MHz to 750MHz)
                       >10DB(750MHz to 1.5GHz)
Jitter:  <0.2UI

Signal:  4:2:2 SMPTE 259M-C(270Mbps)
Format:  1920x1080p60, 1920x1080p59.94, 1920x1080p50
Audio:  SMPTE 299M
Cable Length:  100m(Belden8281)
Return Loss:  >15DB(to 1.5GHz)
                       >10DB(1.5GHz to 3GHz)
Jitter:  <0.3UI

LTC Input
Interface:  1ch BNC
Signal:  SMPTE 12M-1995(EBU-3259-E),SMPTE 309M

Video Output

Interface:  4ch HDMI
Signal:  HDMI V1.3
​Format:  1920x1080p50, 1920x1080p60, 1920x1080i50,
Cable Length:  15m

Interface:  4ch BNC
Signal:  3Gbps/HD-SDI SMPTE 424M/292M
Format:  1920x1080p50, 1920x1080p60, 1920x1080i50,
Return Loss:  >15DB(to 1.5GHz)
                       >10DB(1.5GHz to 3GHz)
Jitter:  <0.3UI

Communication Interface

Network Interface
Port:  One RJ45
Signal:  10 / 100 BASE-T

Serial Port (For Image Video and STL IMD):
Port:  One RJ45
Signal:  RS-422, SMPTE207M, EBU-3245

GPI / O Interface:
Port:  One DB26
Number of Inputs:  16
Number of Outputs:  4
Signal:  TTL-3.3V
Trigger Mode:  Active-low

Working Environment:  Operating Temperature: 0~70; Humidity:                                          10%~90% no condensation;
Elevation: below 100 feet (3048m)
Weight:  6.1kg (13.4lbs)
Size:  465.5(L)x 342(W) x 44(H) mm 
         18.3(L)x 13.5(W) x  1.7(H) inch
Input Voltage:  AC 100~240V
Frequency:  50-60Hz
Actual Power:  60W
Power Supply:  Hot plug dual power supply



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